Low Testosterone in Men

In many cases, younger and younger men in Calgary are testing low in testosterone. This doesn’t always mean that they have a permanent imbalance that needs TRT. This may just mean that their lifestyle or temporary circumstances are creating an environment for lowered testosterone production. This can cause symptoms that are easily mistaken for low testosterone. The result is that men are beginning to take testosterone in Calgary without ever having their levels tested.

low testosterone depression
Low Testosterone can affect your mental health

Low Testosterone Symptoms Are Confusing

Symptoms of low testosterone in Calgary are not always easily recognized as such. For example, fatigue can be caused by many conditions and may be related to exercise, diet, lifestyle or illness. Weight gain and other changes in appearance can also be caused by a number of non-hormonal factors. If a man is undergoing stress or is having other difficulties, he may feel fatigued and irritable. Another common symptom is decreased libido. This can have many causes including relationship or marital problems, depression and drug side effects

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Calgary

If your symptoms are not recognized as low testosterone by a Calgary doctor and not a specialized HRT clinic, you may be given treatments that do not correct the problem. For example, if your fatigue is caused by a physical or psychological cause other than low testosterone, taking testosterone will not provide lasting relief of symptoms. Likewise, if you are taking drugs that are lowering testosterone levels, taking supplements of the hormone could mask the underlying cause of your symptoms. You may also be given testosterone as part of hormone replacement therapy for an illness such as hypogonadism or prostate cancer. Again, if your symptoms are caused by something other than low testosterone, taking the hormones will not help

Visit Your Family Doctor to Get a Testosterone Test

If you are experiencing symptoms that you think might be caused by low testosterone in Calgary, a visit to your family doctor is your first step. A simple blood test will determine if your testosterone levels are within a normal range for men of your age. If they are not, you can be referred directly to an endocrinologist who specializes in hormone replacement therapy treatment. They may be able to provide the right treatment instead of unnecessary testosterone therapy.

How is Low Testosterone Diagnosed in Calgary?

Low testosterone symptoms can be confusing and difficult to identify. A man might assume that his symptoms are caused by low testosterone, but he might be wrong. In fact, there are many non-hormonal causes of the same symptoms. Because of this, men should only obtain replacement therapy when their medical professional makes a diagnosis based on blood work results. The condition is known as hypogonadism when the testes do not produce enough testosterone on their own. The treatment in this case is testosterone replacement therapy.

If a man’s blood testosterone level is low, but his testicles are still functioning, he has a condition known as primary hypogonadism. This can be the result of genetics or injury. In some cases, the only symptom of primary hypogonadism is that the testes do not descend into the scrotum during development. In other cases, the testicles may be small or the man may experience puberty later than normal. Either way, the treatment is testosterone replacement therapy.

Other medical conditions can also result in low testosterone levels. These conditions are known as secondary hypogonadism. This is extremely rare in men under 40 and represents less than 1 percent of all hypogonadism cases. Secondary hypogonadism is most often diagnosed in older men and may be caused by cancer of the testicles or pituitary gland in the brain.